A 4×4 MIMO, cross-polarized, Ultra-Wide Band (690 – 3800 MHz), Omni-directional (3dBi) Antenna, w/ 5m twin HDF-195 cables, with SMA (m) connectors options.

Small form-factor
Aesthetics minor impact (Zero troubles with the neighbours)



A 4×4 MIMO Ultra-Wide Band (617-3800 MHz) Omni-directional (3.5dBi) Antenna, w/ 2m twin HDF-195 cables, with SMA (m) connectors.

Traditional form-factor
Bigger spatial diversity – antennas are vertically separated.



ePoynt-4 is an omni-directional antenna with a router enclosure, fitting routers up to 140 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm. With it’s IP67 router, transform your indoor router into an outdoor one!

Make your indoor router, an outdoor one!
No more long coaxial cable runs and perfect omnidirectionality antenna performance.
No cable runs mean no signal loss. Guaranteed best possible performance!
IP67 for all-weather installs.

Pick the one that fits

  • If you’re talking 4x Cellular, it is the A-EPNT-0004-V1-17