A 4×4 MIMO, cross-polarized, Ultra-Wide Band (617 – 4200 MHz), Directional High Gain (11dBi) Antenna. Multiple cable and connector options.

The successor of the world’s favorite XPOL-2-5G, now in a 4×4 configuration.

The right balance between gain and beam aperture, to ensure max performance even if there’s some (far) obstructions in the way.

A-XPOL-0024-V1-01 (5meter cable, sma(m))

A-XPOL-0024-V1-01 (no cable, n-type connectors)


Widest Band (617 – 7200 MHz), Directional High Gain (11.5dBi) Antenna, N-Type(f) connector, with the most flexible bracket

Successor of our world renowned LPDA-92. Now including ALL 5G and future cellular bands as well as Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi 6E bands.