A 2×2 / 4×4 MIMO, cross-polarized, Ultra-Wide Band (690 – 3800 MHz), Omni-directional (3dBi) Antenna, w/ 5m twin HDF-195 cables, with SMA (m) connectors options.

Easier installation
Aesthetics minor impact (Zero troubles with the neighbours)

A-XPOL-0001-V2-21 (2×2 MIMO option)
A-XPOL-0001-V2-41 (4×4 MIMO option)


A 2×2 MIMO Ultra-Wide Band (698 – 3800 MHz), Omni-Directional (6dBi) Antenna, w/ 2m RKT-031 cable and SMA (m) connector.

Small form-factor
Multiple Mounting Options

A-PUCK-0001-V1-01-W (the white version of the PUCK-1)


Ultra-Wide Band (698 – 3800 MHz), Omni-Directional (4dBi) Antenna, w/ multiple cable options.

Budget minded solution

For a 2×2 MIMO* choose a couple of the following options:

A-OMNI-0280-01-V1 (1m cable w/ SMA(m) connector)
A-OMNI-0280-02-V1 (2m cable w/ SMA(m) connector)/span>
A-OMNI-0280-08-V1 (2m cable w/ Right-Angle SMA(m) connector)/span>

*For different MIMO configurations, contact your distributor