How many cellular antenna connectors has your router?

4×4 MIMO

2×2 MIMO

1×1 SISO

There are multiple ways of creating a good MIMO antenna setup. As an example: a MIMO 4×4 cellular router, may be connected to four SISO antennas, to two MIMO 2×2 antennas or, finally, to a single MIMO 4×4 antenna. This antenna selection tool will present you with 4×4, 2×2 and 1×1 antenna options. For certain installation setups, it might be beneficial to go for a mix of antenna types. For an expert’s advise, please reach out to your distributor.

Please note that this antenna selection tool only addresses the cellular (3/4/5G) connectivity.
For Wi-Fi and/or GPS antennas, please contact your distributor.