Ultra Wideband MIMO (2×2) Omni-directional Marine & Coastal LTE/5G, 617-3800 MHz., 9dBi with Marine Stainless Steel finish.

New Poynting’s unique antenna design, 2 powerful omni-directional antennas inside.
Best-in-class reach and throughput guaranteed.



Ultra-Wide MIMO (4×4) Omni-directional Marine & Coastal LTE/5G & Wi-Fi antenna, 617 – 3800 MHz., max. Gain: 3.5 dBi, with BRKT-40 and stainless steel pole mount options, 2m HDF-195, SMA-M, Brilliant White

Traditional Poynting Marine antenna design.
Best-in-class balance between gain and radiation diagram across its very wide frequency of operation, on a 2×2 design.


Add our durable Stainless Steel mounting bracket to your order (BRKT-37/-38/39), for a great looking installation with the included BRKT-40.


ePoynt-4 is an omni-directional antenna with a router enclosure, fitting routers up to 140 mm x 120 mm x 50 mm. With it’s IP67 router, transform your indoor router into an outdoor one!

Make your indoor router, an outdoor one!
No more long coaxial cable runs and perfect omnidirectionality antenna performance.
No cable runs mean no signal loss. Guaranteed best possible performance!
IP67 for all-weather installs.

Pick the one that fits

  • If you’re talking 2x Cellular, it is the A-EPNT-0004-V1-15