Ultra Wideband MIMO (2×2) Omni-directional Marine & Coastal LTE/5G, 617-3800 MHz., 9dBi with Marine Stainless Steel finish.

New Poynting’s unique antenna design, 2 powerful omni-directional antennas inside.
Best-in-class reach and throughput guaranteed.

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Ultra-Wide MIMO (4×4) Omni-directional Marine & Coastal LTE/5G & Wi-Fi antenna, 617 – 3800 MHz., max. Gain: 3.5 dBi, with BRKT-40 and stainless steel pole mount options, 2m HDF-195, SMA-M, Brilliant White

Traditional Poynting Marine antenna design.
Best-in-class balance between gain and radiation diagram across its very wide frequency of operation, on a 2×2 design.


Add our durable Stainless Steel mounting bracket to your order (BRKT-37/-38/39), for a great looking installation with the included BRKT-40.

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